Stinging Fly Summer Issue and my flights issues

I’m so happy to have another story in The Stinging Fly, I really feel an affinity with this Irish magazine – despite my Scottish roots. Ye Dancer, a story I first started writing almost three years ago, will be in their Summer Issue – guest edited by Sean O’Reilly. Happy days! I just wish I could justify the cost of the flights to Dublin to pop along to the launch night.

Unfortunately, I can’t and to be honest, would probably feel too bad about what would have had to have been a really flying visit anyway. Still, would have been a nice trip – especially as it’s my birthday month. Nevermind though, stories in print are always pretty awesome presents!


7 responses to “Stinging Fly Summer Issue and my flights issues

    • thanks! yup, I love it all – the smell of print, the texture of the pages, everything – yay for print! not that I hate the idea of ebooks exactly, just prefer old school


    • Thanks Eimear. Man, I really do want to go. I’d love to quiz you about your time in NY to be honest, I’ve always really wanted to go for a couple of months. Free wine is always nice too…


    • hehe, what an inspired idea – thanks! You know, when I first looked at flights, they were at an insane £10 a go. They’ve gone up now, but that dollar would have been almost 10 per cent of that wee flight…


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